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My contribution to this wiki thing, nice stuff. Web pages: and . is redirected to a local server which was based on tclhttpd.

(Mar 18, '09) I´m starting a wiki (media) on my server, probably for audio related stuff. At least that allows for public commenting on my server, from this page use this link [L1 ].

(Sept 17, '08) What a mess this is, too!.... Anyhow, I put a comment on my graduation and former employer university web pages , which currently is 'pending arbitration' . Viva democracy. Comments don't currently work on my apache server, I guess that's wrong, I used to offer a secure link for that, maybe I'll use a llinux tclhttpd to run RS' tiny webserver or whatever. Comments under the lowest dashed line, if you would please. (18 Sept) Pfeew, democracy rules, my comment is on [L2 ].

(May 14 2006) In fact currently I've got Fedora Core 4 running on a 64bit Athlon 3.3 using the supplied apache server, which deals easily with the 20k hits/m, and preferably use to prevent dns delay.

Sept 5 ´06: Ip seems stable, currently for the pictures there a apache server running on FC4/64 which does about 20000 hits/month just fine, just make sure that (redirected) Url requests work for . I´m working on a new home page: .

Jan 10 '08 Quite some time since my last post! I'm in the proces of moving, the IP address has changed to, in case someone feels the need to change some picture referencing IP addresses: I'm not sure the IP will remain so as it is, because there is an ISP change forced on my tiscali server, and the move hasn't yet been done! I'll comment later.


My local server is in the process of being moved and will be reconnected at or little after Februari 8th, 2008 if allgoes well! Only then a new IP address with the pictures and downloads will be assigned to .

Feb 13: The server has been reinstalled, so again points to a machine which is run by me, with the same pages (and more) on it, and the wiki images of me and others, too. (appearently now at

Image TV Diary dsc00990bm.jpg

This is being moved, too!

I made a youtube music HD video:

Image TV Diary scrtipayoutube1.jpg

See here [L3 ].

(april 9 '04 There's been a server not running occasion. solved. IP unchanged.) (idem sept 1 '04 probably 7 through 11 AM CET)

(may 31 2004: While I was in france (I returned yesterday) my server in the end probably was down, I'll check the logs, it's on again and fine, same IP address)

NOTE the (web) server IP address where many of my pages and images reside has a different IP address, and unfortunately I refer to it by only ip number; when it changes permanently, I'll adjust the links, but for now, it seems to be here: !!!

The fall through page (with fixed URL, see above) to the local home page should be fine.

Oct 2, 2005, TV Major bummer: my provider changed the IP address for my server, I know I should have a (courtesy of the person paying for the line anyhow) decent URL... IP Addess is now : , I'll update the links...

Meanwhile, I've a general URL for the pages I run on a server I control, which is

it responds also to subpages, so works fine, but is uses switching url in the browser. As long as I keep the pointed IP address in control, the server should always work. In fact, with a new modem, I can finally run linux as a server, too, which with 768/5000 kbit/s is ok, stay tuned. Disadvantage is that images in the wiki web pages don't work over the url, only the hopefully stable IP.

I've been born in raised, graduated as EE and nearly PhD'd worked and kicked out and moneyless in the netherlands [L4 ], though luckily not there all the time.

Recently two more or less recent projects of mine were presented at a belgium open source conference [L5 ].

I've made a name page on the french tcl wiki too: [L6 ].

After some years a sunday afternoon jam near the water (aug 22 2004), a little piece (88 MB though) [L7 ].


Another show in nice French Les Vosges area, video (this one is 256 kbit/sec, should come live from this tclhttpd server when you have at least adsl or equiv.) : [L8 ]

I've made a short (10 min 05) movie I called The Story of the Neuron , which shows BWise as a means to do neuron firing simulation, and which will (probably) be shown on the big screen soon, it's in window media player 9 format (yucks... and moviemaker 2 with SP2 on XP STILL crashes all the time and STILL probably doesn't really save a decent MPEG format...):

[L9 ] (80 MByte, you probably must right-click and 'Save Target' first)

Here is a picture Image TV last13.jpg from a webcam (with recent captures), though I'm still figuring out how to get a free (by principle) program which simply takes an image and without starting the hard disc through all night and day makes it available for web server feeding. A compromise will be a tcl extension which can screen capture, I guess. Looking over this (March 20 '04) I don't use that webcam often, and the image is from the yard in front of centre Pompidou in Paris, actually.

October 2005 I demod my equipment at the largest dutch musical instrument fair

(24 Nov 03) I'm making a page on a 'string simulator' a midi driven guitar-like real time sound program, which in various versions has seen tcl interfaces during its development, which I'll get above the table, too, after years. It's a good example of a powerful computation core with real time interaction.

A secure way to get a private message to me is here

[Theo - I tried this secure way to get a private message to you but all I got was a timed out response[LV]

[TV Well, you picked a 'particular' moment, as I indicated above, the link where the server is running recently after a long time got a new IP address... I updated the links on this page herewith. The link has been tried by me and others from various nets and countries and machines and should be fine, except the certificate is not paid for at versign or something, and therefore must be hand-checked for validity, for instance with the public key. (30 Jan 2004) I've updated the certificate to be valid for another year, the public key remaining the same (see bottom of page)]

I'm the author of at least a few relevant tcl/tk based packages, hell, they called the login name for the delft university student computer facilities after one of them, where I graduated in electrical engineering over 10 years ago and worked a long time.

  • 'bwise' a package for making graphs with blocks associated with tcl/tk functions and running them automatically. Image TV Diary captbwise.jpg
  • 'pcom' a communication package which is sort of a combination of a peer to peer linked aol, combined with graphical ftp. Image TV Tripod pcom1.gif

See my tripod pages for more tcl stuff, for instance and .

On my locally running server, the latest bwise is available from my diary pages ( , currently the latest page is (Feb 2006 Latest Bwise for download at the moment is [L10 ]).

Picture from a well working project result: Image TV Wiki amp1.jpg A 2x100 Watt full continuous 10 Amp/channel maximum, 0.005 % distortion 'straight' amplifier in 19 inch rack. Tried it next to a (studio) bit older Harman Kardon, and har har, the differences... A more recent project result:

A (fully working!) sound synthesizer: a DSP based analog synthesizer simulation with effects unit, midi input, high quality audio preamp and a 2x16 char display. I'll probably be doing a workshop with it in Delft University Music Centre some time in the near future. I may well be using bwise to program it in the future. (See [L11 ] )

The separate Bwise page (shorter title), is where I've put on a starting manual/directions of use, and some procedure listings. See it for the latest info and version.

Some pages with maybe interesting stuff are some of my audio files (mainly self made music), a javascript/java based webpage (also served from tclhttpd) about basic signals and their fft.

I've got some stuff on and on and [L12 ].

As a third year student or so I started with a task that would also become my graduation work (to become (university) electrical engineer in what was at the time network theory) in the design of a highly advanced computer architecture for computer graphics at Delft University, where some visiting top researchers in that field had spent a sabbatical year just before I came there, and which inspired me greatly. They were Pulleyblank (from Hewlett Packard Labs) and Kapenga. During that task I was asked to write a project proposal page, which led to several graphics project in my section, where the last one I worked in. Not that I'm in the credits much, but I was the main driving force in them and behind them, and probably the only one who could have made them really work at the top level the section was once intended to function. Sour feelings Verelst? Well I can handle, it just happens to piss me off how fascistic some countries turn out to be.

The project page (though that is some time ago) is still on the university server, NOT with my name in it though I worked there on the official pay roll for years and took part in and published at least the sponsors (rather big) conferences and then some.

Some of my reports (still completely valid and interesting, but I don't think they have my software on the ftp server) are still there: . Let's see if suddenly these pages disappear from the official, tax money paid site as well, just like my picture and 'guest' page.

(3 aug ' 04) Well, almost... How predictable. Anyhow, my publications list is partially maintained: use author Verelst in the search field, and you get some list, including my masters thesis. The project I worked for is listed here [L13 ].

It was on this project that I started to use Tcl/Tk, and where I got interested in using the then existing version to act as a socket-linked user interface and main level script language, when such things were not yet built in.

One of my current interests, started while I was still in network theory section, is nanobiology:

A page with explanations about a part of my graduation computer graphics related project: [L14 ] (unfinished page). See also a recent Audio Activity page I made [L15 ].

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