What: TkMan (Phelps)

 Description: A full featured, must have Tk based man page reader providing
        full text search and great hypertext links.
        Compatible with IBM AIX, BSDI, FreeBSD, HP-UX, SCO, SGI Irix,
        Linux, OSF/1, SunOS 4/5, System V, and DEC Ultrix.
        Requires RosettaMan/PolyglotMan, Tk 7.5 and Tk 4.1 or later.
        It supports an outlining (with excerpt display) user interface,
        GNU texinfo file reader, database kept in memory, command name
        completion, man page highlights, and many other features now
        supported.  TkMan 2 now supports Tcl 8.x.
        Note there is another unrelated tar file called tkman on the net,
         so be sure that you get the one from this FTP site if you want
         the one most folk refer to in relationship to Tcl/Tk.
        Currently this is at version 2.2 .
 Updated: 07/2000
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Tom Phelps)

 What: RosettaMan/PolyglotMan
 Description: UNIX man page filter - converts formatted man pages into
        other formats such as ASCII only, TkMan, troff, nroff,
        Ensemble, SGML, HTML, MIME, LaTeX, LaTeX2e, RTF, and Perl 5 POD.
        This isn't written in Tcl/Tk, but is used by TkMan and could be used by
        Note that current version reads unformatted nroff and produces
        better output than when it reads formatted output.
 Updated: 07/1999
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]  (Tom Phelps)

Author: Tom Phelps

The optional parts of tkman include use of gzgrep/zgrep/gnu grep to search texinfo files, a directory full of IETF RFC files, ability to specify a series of directories containing man pages, ability to specify a series of common printers, ability to specify DPI from the X server, support of groff or nroff (plus tbl, eqn, etc.), gzip and other compression programs, lpr or lp, the glimpse full text search software.

male - 2006-04-11: I just downloaded TkMan and found so many problems in the release version, that I nearly got angry. So many temporary changes hided in comments, with opening and closing braces in the comments, missing variables and procedures, etc.. But perhabs only because I tried to run it on MS Windows, without the Makefile I didn't really understand.

Is there somebody with a running TkMan installation on MS Windows?

See also Tch and Tclkit DOK commands