What: Tkpaint

 Description: Tcl/Tk drawing package.  Draw slides, diagrams,
        simple pictures, etc.  Supports 50 level undo/redo, arc chord
        and pie slice drawing, rotation, reflection, and editing of
        group of objects, grids, arrow shape tool, font selection, etc.
        Works well for Windows 95/NT and Linux. 
        Currently at version 1.6 (unix version is only 1.5.4) .
 Updated: 12/2003
 Contact: See web site

escargo 1 Dec 2003 - I downloaded this version (1.6) and verified that it at least starts and appears to function with ActiveTcl on Windows XP Pro. PWQ 16 Dec 2003 The keyboard accelerators do not work as the function tkMbPost has been moved to a private namespace.

I downloaded tkpaint 1.6 and tried it. However, when I selected the menu option to edit the current text font, I got an error about a missing proc dkf_fontsel . It _looked_ like it should have been loaded from the fontsel.tcl code - perhaps there's a problem with tcl/tk 8.4.4 and tkpaint so that it doesn't load that code? PWQ 16 Dec 2003 IF you run it under *nix, the file tclindex is the wrong case and needs to be renamed.

PWQ 16 Dec 2003 I have hacked the code and turned it into a package that can be loaded into a given namespace to edit a picture. It still needs to be modified to be able to open multiple windows though.