Tloona , is an IDE for Tcl/Tk projects.


latest release
1.7.1 (2.0b is available)
release time
2016.06.18 (2.0b is 2017.07.11)


Tloona is yet another Tcl/Tk, and Itcl/Itk IDE - but brings a new breath of function and code maintenance capabilities to Itcl and Tcl developers. Some of the features are:

News, screenshots, downloads, info, SVN access and more at: (SF page throws errors, github does not have screenshots)

  • Code browser for Tcl and Itcl
  • Syntax highlighting for both, Tcl and Itcl and Tk/Itk
  • Code completion for commands, ensembles, classes, objects and variables
  • graphical display and browsing of procedure call hierarchies, and class hierarchies
  • automatic evaluation of scripts and procedures
  • project management for Tcl/Tk applications and extensions
  • documentation browser
  • built-in debugger

to name a few. Not all of them are implemented completely; the project also needs more contributors. Still, it is already stable and usable.