Unified Modeling Language [L1 ] ...

[Could someone discuss what UML is useful for? How about some examples that are relevant relating to the building of tcl based code?]

RS: For Tcl not really, because UML is used in OO Analysis and Design, so results in generating C++/Java code with class definitions, attributes and methods. Incr Tcl maybe... (or other implementations of Object orientation)

"Playing UML" gives routines for drawing movable UML graphs (use case and class diagrams so far, more maybe to come) on a canvas.

Ideogramic is a Tcl-based company that specializes in UML and related metadata, and in UML-targeted Gesture Recognition.

Also, see Invoking Tcl commands from Cplusplus for some info on the Voodoo UML class diagram editor.

Sven Sass's employer scripts ObjectiF's [L2 ] public interface with Tcl, for internal use.

MAKR (2008-07-04) accidentally stumbled over the Umbrello UML Modeller [L3 ] that claims to have support for Tcl code generation using the itcl syntax.

DIM is making WINIX, a tool to make applications using UML. Winix is a Tcl-based tool. [L4 ]

IBM Rational Tau is a UML development tool with a built-in Tcl interpreter for scripting its API [L5 ].

The stsatcl package is a software execution architecture intended as the target for translating Executable UML (XUML) domain models into a running program using Tcl as the implementation language.