Veronica Loell

Born 1972 in Uppland, Sweden. Studying (full/part time since 1996) Computer Science (AI/Cognitive Sciences) [L1 ] at Linköping Institute of Technology, Linguistics [L2 ] at Linköping University and since 2000 Computational Linguistics [L3 ] at Göteborg University.

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A short note. I hold a strong personal belief in the GNU philosophy, but I would like to stress that I have the deepest respect for anyone choosing the OSI philosophy for themselves. The biggest obstacle to open source today is in my opinion the communication problems that keep arising between gnu and osi developers.


 - Tklib []
 I will start putting in some time into this shortly.

 - Mimers brunn []
 Tools for translation and encodings. Will be updated...
 Contains information about Tcl encoding names among other things.

see also a slightly orphaned page High level widgets

The paper I presented at Tcl-2003E is available from their pages at [L6 ]. Due to some technical problems (having to do with winXP automatically converting my stringvariable back to ASCII OEM after I implicitly converted it to ascii ANSI) at a clients site, finally giving me a reason to install w2k on the jäkla computer, I didn't have time to finalize my example application. I will put it up at SF when it's done, and I'll also put up the graphics I used for my presentation as soon as I have had a chance to work on them a little bit. This will most probably not be for another 2 weeks at least. - Tied up by work for a few weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to finally get to this stuff in week 35 or so, but I do have a lot of things that I need to do before venturing into non-essentials. - VL 2003-08-03.

I keep seeing references to project Gutenberg, so I thought it was best that I put a link here to project Runeberg [L7 ]...


 Nakawe data [] (at the moment in Swedish only)
 Computer Aided Administration - helping small businesses make better use 
 of computers for their administrative needs.


 Currently trying to work on my MA thesis in Computational Linguistics.
 Går det att öka användningen av direkthjälp för slutanvändare?

See also Concepts of Architectural Design for Tcl Applications.

Seriously, it would seem that in the patenting software issue a main point could be how one can determine who has intellectual property rights to certain code and circuits. For circuits, it is possible I'd say to come up with technical things which are reasonable to patent, which in software would seem not to happen all too often.

I remember having to sign of my rights to worktime inventions to my employer when I worked for delft university paid by secondary sources. So can I now redo the work I did under some no-good project leader and do it right? Of course, but suppose I would have given them the good stuff on the project, and they would steal the patent(s) (as they stole much credit whichis more practical problem than that that raises emotions).

A good patent office would require a very thorough description, also technical, which rules out much bladibla stuff.

VL unfortuntately a lot of the stuff that is patented (by the european patent office, trying to mimic the american) is really bladibla stuff. The problem here is that software is at the moment except in the U.S.A. protected by copyright, same as a book or a record, this makes perfect sense especially in Sweden where the defintiton of what falls under "Upphovsrättslagen" the law for copyright pretty much describes software. See for some examples of actual (illegal) software patents granted by the EPO :-(. They are at the moment illegal but, if voted through...

VL 4 jul 03 - There was an attempt to force the vote, but it is now set to it's original time in beginning of September I believe.

VL 10 sep 04 - Looks somewhat better with real åäö :).

Veronica, CL points out (presumably backed by AK, among others) that "the American system" has the potential for being even more nefarious: there is a likelihood that copyright and similar IP violations ("violations") will become in the next few years criminal matters, backed by the full weight of national police mechanisms.

jmn Seemingly not content with the long reach of their military systems, that particular 'national police mechanism' is also extending itself to people who have never even visited those shores: This modern magic of global-village cleansing is achieved via IP 'harmonization' agreements tucked into the darker corners of trade deals where the general public don't tend to look...or if they did wouldn't understand it; or know if they should even care.

RKzn 2016-03-13 removed a link to "UIE - User Interface Engine [L8 ]" from above as it seems not to be (currently?) what it tells it is. It has a single small TCL file with three one liner proc's [L9 ]. And too many references to viruses to look safe. I also removed such references from Tcllib