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escargo 03 Dec 2002 - I created this page to keep track of two activities, which might grow to need their own pages eventually. Seeing the progress in a single day, I am very enthused over the response. Adding the category was a great help; it brings together more than I knew about projects that could use help.

Volunteers Available - a list of people available to work on projects

escargo - A somewhat experienced Tcl, expect, and Java developer

Currently (03 Dec 2002) available.

I can do code reviews, documentation reviews, documentation development, testing (currently only in Microsoft Windows 95 and Linux environments). I am located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. (My available hardware is currently quite low end, so heavy duty development is not possible.)

Volunteers Needed - a list of projects looking for people

The outstanding Tcl and Tk bugs are themselves projects looking for people. To a lesser extent, Feature Requests and TIPs which have languished for some time are mini-projects that could probably benefit from outside help/discussion/review.

In order to access the list of Tcl and Tk bugs:

The Apache Tcl project is always looking for competent people to help out with documentation, testing, porting (especially to windows environments where we have less experience) and development.

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