What low cost ISPs include Tcl server side scripting capability

Purpose: This is all Cameron Laird's fault actually. About any time I see Claird suggesting that something would make a good page, I try to make time to build such a page. Sometimes you Tcler's cooperate, and other times the pages languish. But that's the beauty of a cooperative community. Things get done that are interesting.

There's a number of Web servers which provide native Tcl support. And perhaps that's where one focuses initially - what servers do the ISPs use?

What web sites provide low/no cost hosting of web pages and provide either Tcl CGI scripting, server side Tcl support (ala mod_dtcl), or something comperable.

Steve Perkins indicates that he was able to make use of http://www.tophosts.com/ to locate an ISP... And anohter good spot to check would be http://www.allcheaphosting.com/tcl1.phtml

I purchased web hosting (and a domain name!) from http://www.digitalspace.net . They support tcl CGI, but not mod_tcl. As of 2/16/2004 they have tclsh 8.3.3 on Red Hat Linux 7.3, and their prices start at $36 per year. -- RWT

Digital Arena offers TCL cgi support. No mod_tcl yet though. As of 2/9/2001 they support TclPro1.4. They charge $9.95/month for 100MB. -- DAW

NeoSoft [L1 ] used to use NeoWebScript [L2 ] for its Web service. Neosoft will be gone at the end of Sept 2002 though.

Inet-Interactif.com - Hébergement web Hosting [L3 ] provides the RIVET Apache module enabled on its server from 2004-03-31. Experience on this provider is good overall and prices are amenable to non profit uses and high end as well.

IMHosted [L4 ]

LES: rootr.net is very cheap and has provided me with good service for little more than one year. Read my comments at [L5 ].

See also Web-hosting companies that offer server-side Tcl