Why isn't there a Comprehensive Tcl Archive Network like Perl's CPAN?

The question has been very frequently raised for at least the last ten years.

Maybe there is such an archive--several, in fact ... [explain].

[Explain history of unappreciated efforts.]

[Explain pertinence of Stubs as historical explanation.]

[Explain what teapot is about.]

A tcl repository

LV Such an archive doesn't arise in a vacuum. It requires the work of the community, both from the creation point of view, on-going running, and contributions from distributors.

As one reads through comp.lang.tcl, as well as other web forums, wiki pages, etc., one will see references to TEAPOT, CANTCL, procplace, [add some of the other attempts here]. Each time, either the community failed to rally behind the effort, or the developer didn't have the time and resources necessary to set up things to work so easily.

Now, a new effort, by ActiveState, has begun. It is called TEAPOT. It again is up to the community to do more than ask the questions- people are going to need to:

  • step up and volunteer computer time and space for mirrors,
  • contribute time and resources to perform backups, domain names, editorial time, and more

DKF: Note that teapot is the activestate effort. It's still brewing though. :-)

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