Wikit is way cool

Phil Ehrens says it took him ten minutes to set up a Wikit the first time. And he offers Wikit solutions on the page Wikit Problems.

Andrew Cates came to have a look. He is used to TCL from alta vista customisations and it should be good for Wikis.

Kevin Kenny says, "The Wiki is cool. Embedding the Wiki into another Starkit is even cooler, because it's a great way to provide lightweight documentation. For an example, see the Dots and Boxes game at ".

VK feb-2005 Indeed, very easy to setup. I spent more than 10 minutes only because I was learning to use CGI, so it was my first CGI experience at all. My provider uses FreeBSD, and it was fine to see latest tclkit for it, so I managed 3-4 files and things were ready to use. Way cool!