Wikit page references as attributes

JBR - May 04 2004

I am trying out an experimental extension to the wikit program. The idea is to use page references as attribute tags in the same way the Categories convention is currently. But allow back reference list pages be created from the intersection of a list of back reference pages.

I started thinking about this last week so that I could use the wiki as a software problem reporting database. I wanted to be able to have several ways to lookup reports and see what was up.

This system should allow very user friendly and interactive creation of attributes and attribute classes. I am working on a simple way to specify a query as the union/intersection of a set of forward/reverse page links. But here is my first pass at a simple back link system of attributes and classes.

The code is very fresh but here it is -> [L1 ] [AMG: 404]

CAU Sep 26 2006

I think I understand what the goal is here, although the sample wiki pages seem to render no differently to regular pages, so the example is unclear. Perhaps the work is unfinished?

I also think this would be a great enhancement of Wikit, useful for reaping pages dependent on tags. Using an extended tag set inside wiki pages would open the way to using Wikit for blogging, bug databases, todo lists and a structured way of recording minutes of meetings.