An advanced open source fulltext indexing package available from: http://xapian.org/

It includes bindings for some scripting languages including a SWIG generated Tcl binding, properly packaged as a stubs enabled Tcl package since version 0.8.4.

Releases 1.0.6 and earlier had a few bugs associated with the installation location, but newer releases should just build out of the box, so if building from source, use 1.0.7 or later.

schlenk This could be a base for a very nice search engine to be added to tclhttpd or rivet for example. Or maybe even as an additional search engine for the wiki?

CMcC if you use a metakit store for the pages, you can just use the select -keyword option and get fulltext search aka KWIC

Xapian is the search engine used by Notmuch Mail (https://notmuchmail.org/ ).

A benchmarking comparison of open source search and indexing applications, which encompasses both Xapian and sqlite, can be found at: [L1 ]