What: XDobry

Where: http://www.xdobry.de/ english http://www.xdobry.de/index_en.html

Description: Xdobry is free in form-generator for relational databases (mysql, postgresql, sqlite, odbc, oracle, MS Sql Server, MS Access). It contains an editor for Database Schema, a Drag and Drop GUI editor for forms and a forms-server. It can be used for creating and managing database schemas. Xdobry can migrate schema and data between all supported databases. With the help form tclkit it is also deployed as run-ready executables for Windows and Linux x86

Updated: 07/2004.

Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Artur Trzewik)

Xdobry uses many additional tcl libraries intensively:

  1. xotcl
  2. tix
  3. tdom
  4. database interfaces mysqltcl sqlite tclodbc postgres oratcl (odbc is supported only on Windows now)

With embedded database sqlite it can be used without additional relational database.

Xdobry is developed with XOTclIDE

Up version 0.40 xdobry allows to design database schemas. It also can migrate schema and data between all supported databases. It can dump every database to independent xml-dump and import it into every supported database. Therefore xdobry can be good used for migrating databases in every direction.

Xdobry can read the schema of existing database and produce forms for it. The main benefits of this program are hight conceptional level of produced forms that supports aggregation, inheritance, relationships (1:n and n:m) and additional meta-information (description, contrains). Xdobry was written as practical part of academic study ("germ. Diplomarbeit") and is still in development state.

Some info about the name of application. "dobry" means "good" in my native language polish (also in many other Slavic languages). I have thought earlier that the 2 character "DB" can be also associated with "DataBase" and X with GUI. Unfortunately the name seems to be very strange for most.