What: XiRCON
Where: http://www.xircon.tk/
ftp://ftp.xircon.com/pub/xircon/XiRC_810_hack.zip -- dead link
http://www.xircon.tk/xirc10b4.exe -- mirror of XiRCON itself
Description: beta release IRC client for Windows 95/NT. Contact #xircon on the efnet IRC network for help with the client.
Updated: 08/2001
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Mark Hanson)
mailto:[email protected] (David Gravereaux)
mailto:[email protected] (Brad L. @ http://www.607hosting.com Admin/Owner)

To join an opt-in mailing list to discuss XiRCON go to http://www.xircon.com/subscribe.htm .

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