Xmingwin is cross-mingwin, that is, mingwin hosted on a "foreign" operating system. [Explain refs.]

Xmingwin installation

"... grab critcl starkit and cross-compile ..." Use "cross" (critcl).

[Much more to come.]

On Linux side, for example, pick up tclkit [L1 ], then critcl starkit [L2 ] (rename?), then ... http://www.digital-smarties.com/pub/tkspline.tar.gz

http://www.digital-smarties.com/Tcl2002/critcl.pdf has section on cross-compilation with XMingwin.

[Rumor has it standard Win32 binaries for SDL are made with XMingwin.]

CL occasionally maintains a page [L3 ] of other references having to do with XMingwin.

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