ActiveTcl uses the term base-tcl in a fashion similar to tclkit.

A base-tcl interpreter is a stand alone, Tcl only, interpreter which includes the following package names:

So there are a number of differences in terms of what packages one will find by default in a base-tcl versus a tclkit.

The base-tcl and base-tk, just like the tclsh that comes as part of ActiveTcl, include an array which provides build information.

 parray ::activestate::ActiveTcl

Anyone have information on other differences? One thing to notice is that Tk isn't in the list. For that package, check on base-tk, which is another application in ActiveTcl.

Another difference is that itcl is missing. That means there will be some starkits which won't run with the base-tcl alone.

MHo: What about registry?

LV: I don't have access, currently, to being able to run base-tcl or base-tk on any platform other than Solaris. If someone else wants to update this page for the other platforms, be my guest.

Note that even though one gets a base-tcl or base-tk with ActiveTcl that doesn't mean that these executables knows about the local teapot repository of packages. All you have, by default, are the packages mentioned above.