TclX interface to the command to change the owner of one or more files.

Some operating systems and/or file systems won't support this operation.

chown ?-fileid? owner | {owner group} filelist

Set owner of each file in the list filelist to owner, which can be a user name or numeric user id. If the first parameter is a list, then the owner is set to the first element of the list and the group is set to the second element. Group can be a group name or numeric group id. If group is {}, then the file group will be set to the login group of the specified user.

If the option -fileid is specified, filelist is a list of open file identifiers rather than a list of file names. This option is not available on all Unix systems. Use the infox have_fchown command to determine if this functionality is available.

The chown command is not available on Windows 95/NT.

See also [file attributes fileName -owner id] for a standard Tcl way of doing this on Unix.