DDG 2019-12-29: A snidget tablelist based file browser widget to explore the file system and to execute certain actions on the currently selected file, such as opening it in an editor. Based on the tutorial code of Csaba Nemthis tablelist widget. See for the starting code: https://www.nemethi.de/tablelist/tablelist.html .

Homepage and Download

Installation as Tcl-module

Put the file with the source code somewhere in a directory like /home/username/tcl/dgw/sfilebrowser-0.1.tm In your code you would now have to write:

tcl::tm::path add /home/username/tcl
package require dgw::sfilebrowser


See below for the code of this example:

package require dgw::sfilebrowser
wm title . SFileBrowser
option add *Tablelist.stripeBackground        #c4e8ff
pack [dgw::sfilebrowser .fb2 -treemode false] -side top -fill both -expand yes
.fb2 browse /home/groth/workspace/detlef

See also

  • tlistbox - dgw::tlistbox an easy to use tablelist based listbox widget with multiline support, search facilities)