dgw::tlistbox - listbox widget package with multiline entries and text search


DDG 2019-10-24: A snidget that is a listbox widget based on tablelist. In comparison to the standard listbox widget it has multiline text support and it can display on top a search entry for dynamic text search. It is in fact a tablelist widget with only one visible and one hidden column, the latter should be used for the -data option.


tlistbox demo

The tlistbox widget filled with some search items, which can be hard wrapped using newlines or soft wrapped if the widget is resized.


Here the search entry is used for searching **tlistbox** entries:


Example code

Here is the code to generate the example:

package require dgw::tlistbox
namespace import ::dgw::tlistbox
set data { {"B. Gates:\nThe Windows Operating System" "Hidden Data"} 
       {"L. Thorwalds: The Linux Operating System"} 
       {"C. Nemethi's: Tablelist Programmers Guide"}
       {"J. Ousterhout: The Tcl/Tk Programming Language"}
proc click {tbl idx} {
     puts [$tbl itemcget $idx -text]
tlistbox .tl -listvariable data -browsecmd click -searchentry true
lappend data {"A. Anonymous: Some thing else matters"}
.tl insert end {"L. Wall: The Perl Programming Language" "1987"}
pack .tl -side top -fill both -expand yes
.tl itemconfigure end -foreground red
.tl itemconfigure end -data Hello
puts "Hello? [.tl itemcget end -data] - yes!"

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