dgw::sfinddialog - is a toplevel search dialog to perform a text search in other widgets. As such functionality is mostly required for the Tk text widget, a implementation to search a Tk text widget is embedded within the 'sfinddialog' widget. The buttons and the text entry are exposed to the programmer, so the programmer has for instance the possibility to manually insert a value in the search entry or to click invoke a button click programmatically.

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dgw::sfinddialog Demo

Below is an image where the users search with the whole word which will find are but not will find are in prepared if pressing next.


Demo code

Below is the example code for the figure given above:

package require dgw::sfinddialog
pack [text .text]

dgw::sfinddialog .st -nocase 0 -textwidget .text -title "Search"
.text insert end "Hello\n"
.text insert end "Hello World!\n"
.text insert end "Hello Search Dialog!\n"
.text insert end "End\n"
.text insert end "How are your?\n"
.text insert end "I am not prepared :(\n"
bind .text <Control-f> {wm deiconify .st}

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