A Snidget is a Widget made with Snit.

SRIV History of the word Snidgit: One of the 2004 Tcl Conference attendees (should we name him?) made a slip-up while asking a question about Snit widgets. After a good laugh, the name stuck throughout the discussions for the remainder of the conference.

Should we name John Harris? Nah .. I don't think so :-) stevel

Some snidgets are described in the wiki:

You might also be interested in the discussion of A New Megawidget Library.

LV You also might check out the widget module of tklib, where work is going on to collect snidgets for distribution. Authors of snidgets can post to the maintainers there, or the feature request function of or to the tcllib mailing list for help in getting their code included.

escargo 23 Aug 2005 - Note this description of widget on the page: widget: An older suite of megawidgets for Tk. This does not make it sound like new work is being done on widget. You might want to update the page a bit.

Poking around a bit more I did find this in cvs: tcllib/tklib/modules/widget. So the problem is that there are multiple widget packages. How confusing. It's a bit late, but I think a unique name would have been a good idea.