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Scott Gamon

Scott Gamon: An earlier comment, subsequently removed by the author, suggested that the MIT license is not appropriate for eWeekReader, and that I should make a more vigorous effort to provide attribution for the source of any code bits I use. I note this here because the following discussion makes little sense without the context.

Scott Gamon: Optcl is now included in the download. At DDG's suggestion, I upgraded to optcl v.3010, which is not GPL. Also, I removed ffidl, again thanks to DDG. See the thread below.

Meanwhile, the browser code is inspired by code on the optcl page. In fact, I borrowed liberally from the Wiki throughout the code. So if anyone wants credit for some bit that I used, give a shout and I'll add to code comments and docs.

For Christ's sake forget about the licenses. It's a great piece of software Scott. We all know he's sharing the code, so lets enjoy ourselves in the sunshine of tomorrow. I use this program extensively and I love it. Much adoration Scott, rodblaze. (2003-11-18)


DDG: As far as I understand the latest version (may-2000!) 3010 has a tcl like license see: [L4 ]. Or I am wrong ? If you take this version and remove ffidl your MIT license should then be ok.

The focus problem can be solved without ffidl via:

 bind all <Enter> {forceFocus %W} ;# GPS change
 bind all <ButtonPress-1> {forceFocus %W} ;# GPS change

As first used on GPS's WippleWobble - A Mini Web Browser (for Windows) page.

Scott Gamon: Thanks for helping me lift the GPL curse Detlef!

Without using a custom proc, the ffidl displacing code is, of course:

 bind all <Enter> {focus -force %W}
 bind all <ButtonPress-1> {focus -force %W}

And rodblaze, thanks for the love.

Michael Jacobson: I make a Starkit (and starpack too) out of this application (version 1.2.1). You can get a copy of the Starkit version here [L5 ]. You will also need the TclKit executable to be able to run this starkit [L6 ].

 tclkit-win32.upx.exe eWeekReader.kit

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