Michael Jacobson

Email: mailto:[email protected]

I currently have no homepage but you can always check out my YMCA Masters Swim Team's homepage at http://www.cmym.us . Also if you are in the Baltimore/Maryland/US area please feel free to stop and swim with us. I'm not just the head coach but also one of the swimmers, webmaster, social director, etc...

I have been sober ... I mean using Tcl since 1999. Before that I mainly used C but have been know to work in java, pascal, jovial, fortran, assembly (various) and microcode (68000, rtl, vrtl). I have tried perl and python but much prefer the syntax of Tcl. I have attended the Seventh Annual Tcl/Tk Conference and Tenth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference where I met many Tclers.

Here on the Wiki I've contributed to the following pages.


I have been working on NewzPoint, my replacement for PointCast. NewzPoint is a tabbed layout webviewer with auto refresh. It was developed using Tcl/Tk and optcl. A couple of Tclers have seen this application and the comments have been favoriable. But it maybe hard to decribe why you might need NewzPoint but I am hooked (a Tivo[L1 ] type problem). NewzPoint has been packaged as a Starkit and Starpack since February of 2002.

I also have been using Tcl/Tk on a PocketPC since I bought my Hp Jornada 525 (SH3). I have been amazed at how much it works and have written a lot of little apps for it. I have also used an iPaq 3150 and a HP h1910. I now have a Dell Axim X5 (400Mhz) running version PocketPC 2003 (Mobile Media).


I have been using Tcl for automated testing of embedded radar system [L2 ]. I am the architecture and software lead of our current test tool for validation testing. This tool uses safe tcl to run each script test in a 'sandbox' and generate html datasheets (viewable in realtime with tkHtml). The tool called ASE (said 'ace') is a modular collection of applications with Tcl as the test interpreture. It also uses ProDebug (from TclPro) to perform the test script debugging. A GUI (was java now Tk/Tcl), a data streaming server (Tk/Tcl) and a test script editor. Each part is connected by network sockets so that any piece can be upgraded or replaced without affecting the whole application. It also has generated a lot of little Tcl tools like TclDoc (a javadoc knockoff) and fickle (a flex knockoff) just to name a few.