e_menu, pluginable menu for editors

The e_menu v3.4.8 provides a menu system bound to an editing / file managing session. A text editor / file manager with plugin / context features allows to use e_menu as "a plugin of plugins" that raises a whole environment of commands & menus around it.

By now e_menu is implemented for:

The five of them support Tcl/Tk highlighting. Also, alited, Kate and Geany provide a symbol chart of Tcl code.

There are at least four file managers that allow to run e_menu and apply its commands to files and directories:

There are a few of e_menu commands to support Tcl/Tk development. For example, e_menu provides a context help on Tcl/Tk commands / keywords while editing a Tcl script.

The e_menu can be a "mega-widget" called from Tcl/Tk code as a modal / independent / dock / desktop window.

Three executables allow to run e_menu on Linux 64 and Windows 32/64 without Tcl/Tk installed. Somewhat exotic for Tclers, though.

Further details:

Download links: