What edfn - Personal task management with the EDF method.
Where http://at.magma-soft.at/darcs/edfn
Description Local web application for entering all this small tasks you don't want to forget to do.
Tested on: Windows, Linux
Contact: LEG
Updated 09/2020
Status active development

See the EDF homepage about EDF task planning.

Tasks are listed earliest-deadline-first (EDF). So you always know what to do next without thinking about priorities.

edfn shows a running total of the task efforts and colors overload situation in red. So you always know how much to do until which date and when you are overloaded.

The application is utterly simple to use.

edfn is written using the Wapp framework - you interact with it via your favorite browser.

By default it starts a tray icon and runs a web browser on http://localhost:22310 . Bookmark this URL and put edfn.tcl into the StartUp folder in Windows, or install the provided edfn.desktop file in a freedesktop compliant window manager under X to run it automatically upon login and access your tasks any time.

For better organization split up your tasks between several files. Tasks are stored in .csv files and can easily be edited externally if needed.