Ftcl , by Arjen Markus, is meant to offer a simple and robust way of incorporating Tcl in a Fortran program.

arjen (20 january 2017) I am working on a collection of Tcl extensions using the techniques in this project to make well-known (and lesser known) packages/libraries available within Tcl. Packages such as LAPACK, fftw3, MINPACK, cephes and others. I intend to call it (not very imaginative, I am afraid) mathemaTcl.


  • I have the start of a script to guide the build process (target OSs/environments: Linux, Cygwin, MinGW-w64/MSYS and Windows, using various compilers)
  • I have wrappers for cephes, specfun, fftpack, fftw3 (start of a wrapper), global, minpack, wavelib, quadpack, stroud, lapack (not completed yet) in various stages of completeness and testedness.

So lots of work to be done still, but I want to do this incrementally. The first step is to make the build script complete, followed by a release with a small number of the above packages.

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arjen - 2017-01-24 07:59:16

Quick update: three packages ready (fftpack, global and specfun), still need t otest with MSVC/Intel on Windows, lots of other details to sort out and for these packages documentation and proper test scripts (or examples of how to use them) are missing, but I am making progress :).

arjen - 2017-01-25 08:57:03

Just set up a project on Chiselapp that will contain the sources. Right now it is almost empty, but I have verified that the code works nicely for Cygwin (gcc/gfortran) and "bare" Windows (MSVC/Intel Fortran).