HJG 2014-03 - This belongs to the series of Grid-Demos: How to do a grid-like GUI-layout.
A grid of buttons, done with grid.

# gridDemo-grid1.tcl

  package require Tk

  global Prg

  set Prg(Title)    "Grid-Demo_11"
  set Prg(Version)  "v0.01"
  set Prg(Date)     "2014-03-15"
  set Prg(Author)   "Hans-Joachim Gurt"
  set Prg(Contact)  [string map -nocase {: @ ! .} gurt:gmx!de]
  set Prg(About)    "Grid-Demo - Grid"
  set Prg(Msg)      "using grid, with labels and buttons"

  proc start {} {
      set ::Prg(Msg)  "Starting..."
      after 1000  { .b11 invoke }   ;# Sorry, no animated button-press here...
      after 1500  { .b22 invoke }
      after 2000  { .b33 invoke }

  proc ButtonProc { b } {
      set ::Prg(Msg)  "Button pressed: $b"

 #: Main
    wm title . "$Prg(Title) $Prg(Version)"
    puts       "$Prg(Title) $Prg(Version)"

    label .lb_1 -text "GridDemo"        -width 12 -bg white -pady 10
    label .lb_2 -textvariable Prg(Msg)  -width 30 -bg grey  -pady 10

    option add *Button.width  4
    option add *Button.height 2
  # button  .b11 -text "11" -command { ButtonProc "11" }
    for {set i 11} {$i<=14} {incr i} {
        button .b$i -text "$i" -command "ButtonProc $i"
    for {set r 2} {$r<=4} {incr r} {
        for {set c 1} {$c<=4} {incr c} {
            button .b$r$c -text "$r$c" -command "ButtonProc $r$c"

    option add *Button.width  7
    option add *Button.height 1
    button  .bt_start -text "Start" -command { start }
    button  .bt_quit  -text "Quit"  -command { exit  }

    grid .lb_1              
    grid .b11 .b12 .b13 .b14    -sticky nsew
    grid .b21 .b22 .b23 .b24    -sticky nsew
    grid .b31 .b32 .b33 .b34    -sticky nsew
    grid .b41 .b42 .b43 .b44    -sticky nsew
    grid .lb_2             
    grid .bt_start - .bt_quit

    grid configure .lb_1     -columnspan 4 -padx 4
    grid configure .lb_2     -columnspan 4 -padx 4

    grid configure .bt_start -columnspan 2 -padx 4
    grid configure .bt_quit  -columnspan 2 -padx 4


Compared to the version with pack, this looks simpler (no need to define frame & pack),
but now we need more "grid configure" to tweak the layout.

Also, putting in the colors from that version would require some extra work.