Rolf Hemmerling is my name, hemmerling my nickname.

My Tcl pages:

I am a Tcl newbie. My Tcl activities so far: I wrote Coding Katas published at Github:

All about Coding Dojo / Coding Kata / Randori / Code Retreat / Object Calisthenics / Elephant Carpaccio Exercises:

  • http://www.hemmerling.com/doku.php/en/codingdojo - "Coding Dojo / Coding Kata / Randori / Code Retreat / Object Calisthenics / Hackathons / Hackfests / Codefests / Programming Marathons / Elephant Carpaccio Exercise - Group-Awareness, Self-Awareness, Self-Training in Software Development as well as Developer Contests & Developer Challenges"

I joined and enjoyed the "13th European Tcl/Tk User Meeting" ( http://www.eurotcl.eu/ , http://www.eurotcl.eu/eurotcl-2015/ ) in Cologne, 2014-06-20 - 2015-06-21.

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