by Theo Verelst

Quite some years ago I was studying the ancient hebrew and greek of the old and new testament of the well known bible, and wanted to have computer editing possibilities, and no money at all (for instance to buy a commercial package to to so), so I called in the for me at the time well known Tcl/Tk (I guess long before 8.0), and wrote an editor, with web page generator possibility.

Later on I also did experiments with combining this editor with tclhttpd and with a web interface to grab pieces of information from both some hebrew OT versions as well as 'live' from http://www.perseus.tufts.edu .

Image TV Tripod soph1.gif

Example editor with some greek text.

The editor can be utilized through mouse clicks (I was and am not very proficient in hebrew typing), or shift/control combinations.

Special property of the hebrew typing/clicking is that characters appear from right to left!

The webpage which can be saved should have the font directories under the pages which contain greek/hebrew glyphs to make a generally readable page for even the oldest browser. Caching of the characters makes displaying them fast enough after the first few lines.

A zip file with the sources and the font .gif files:

   (When link broken, and if you're really interested, look for a more up-to-date IP address 
   on TV's other pages; he really could use a proper domain though.)

Because I wanted to be able to paste letters from various sources which used transliterated fonts, it is possible to type capital letters, and convert those by selecting them first, and them pressing one of the conversion buttons, into the corresponding glyphs.

I don't recall what the save button actually does, More later.

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