The Virtual Rendering System is a computer graphics software library for constructing interactive 3D applications. It provides a large collection of 3D rendering components which facilitate implementing 3D graphics applications and experimenting with 3D graphics and imaging algorithms.

VRS is implemented as a C++ library. Applications can incorporate VRS as C++ library based on the C++ API. In addition, we provide a complete Tcl/Tk binding of the C++ API, called iVRS . You can deploy VRS on common platforms such as X11/Unix and Windows 95/98/NT. It is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.


See: [L1 ]

Also listed in OpenGL.


Usenix Annual Tech Conference 2002

Also presenting at the Third European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting.

ESKIMO is a tool for interactive 3d visualization of geo-data. It can be used to combine different data selection and visualization techniques in order to generate 3D visualizations of the climate simulation data. These 3D visualizations can be explored interactively in real-time.

ESKIMO is written in C++ and Tcl/Tk using the 3D graphics library VRS.

ESKIMO supports the following visualization techniques:

  • glyphs
  • planes
  • isolines
  • streamlines
  • streamribbons

Although ESKIMO relies on the above mentioned climate simulation data, it can be extended to visualize other data sets.