incr Widgets

incr widgets (aka iwidgets) consists of a series of Tk widgets, built out of other widgets using the incr Tk/incr Tcl foundation classes.

The source for iwidgets can be found at the project CVS.

Also, see .

See some online documentation (which may be dated) at . is documentation for the megawidget hierarchy (again, this doc may be dated).

The incr widgets distribution includes:

Has anyone worked on writing equivalents to these widgets using Ttk and some more recent megawidget infrastructure?

LES on 11-aug-2008: I just tried Iwidgets for the first time and for the first time also had version problems using Tcl/Tk:

 package require Iwidgets
 version conflict for package "Tcl": have 8.5a6, need 8.4-8.5

LV Do the current incr widgets work with incr tcl 4.0, which is one of the distributed packages with the Tk 8.6 cvs head? Do they just work out of the box, or will something else be needed (ala itk?)

RZ There is a itcl4 only itk replacement at A slightly modified iwidgets is at

To run you need at least itcl-4-0-b8-rc. Binaries are at