Konstantin Khomoutov, a Tcl newcomer.

I was born (1979-Feb-09) and live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

I can be reached via:

  • mailto: khomoutov at gmail com
  • mailto: flatworm at users sourceforge net
  • xmpp: kostix at 007spb ru
  • xmpp: kostix at jabber.ru (fallback)

Also you may check my home page [L1 ] and my Livejournal page (in Russian) [L2 ].

Software projects I'm involved in:

  • Tkabber -- a Jabber client written in Tcl/Tk.
  • Vade Mecum [L3 ] -- a Pocket PC reader of documents in Plucker DB format [L4 ]. It's written in C.
  • winpm -- an extension to support processing of Windows power management and session management events.

At work [L5 ] I do write and support some userland DB-aware applications written in Delphi and administer a couple of Linux servers.

In case you are interested, my nick is based on the wild people's name mangling existing in Russia:

Konstantin -> Kostya -> Kostick -> Kostix

The first one is the "official" one, the second is less official but "strict", the third is for buddies, mom and dad.

That last one isn't actually used in the language, but a friend of mine invented this nick by accident, so I use it.

While it appears completely artificial, it seems that Russian people named Konstantin (or their friends) come up with this nick pretty frequent. For example, Mail.RU [L6 ] web mail service and SourceForge both have people registered with this nick [they are not me ;-)].