man tcl(n) gripes

FW: The Tcl man page (Endekalogue) does not actually exhaustively describe the language's syntax as it stands. Here's the two faults I'm aware of:

  • Something like the sentence "An exception to this rule is a command which does not contain any words; this performs no operation." should be appended to rule [2].
  • As miguel notes in the Tcl'ers chat, rule [9] does not actually describe the parser's behavior. The phrase "up through the next newline" should have "or the end of the script" appended to it.

LV feel free to file bug reports on these issues. Even better, file bug reports with patches and perhaps your wording can get into the next release !

RS Shouldn't rather rule [1] be changed: from

 A Tcl script is a string containing one or more commands.


 A Tcl script is a string containing zero or more commands.

? The valid minimal script (and useful at times)


does not contain any commands, as do { } etc. Then [2] which is about "a command" does not apply.

AMG: In case you were wondering, this "valid minimal script" is often used as the body of a no-op proc.