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nsdbpg is a Postgres driver for the original style nsdb AOLserver/NaviServer database driver interface.

See also nsdbipg for a newer option.

Source Code:

    $ hg clone https://bitbucket.org/naviserver/nsdbpg/


The nsdbpg driver was based on the AOLserver nspostgres driver. The code has been cleaned up and adapted to some of the newer NaviServer APIs, some older AOLserver 2.0 era code was removed, and a couple of features were added, such as support for returning the number of rows affected after a DML statement.

Here's Ohloh's comparison of the codebases of nspostgres (red), nsdbpg (green) and nsdbipg (blue):


(The nsdbipg driver is much smaller because the nsdbi interface supports much of the work that nspostgres and nsdbpg have to emulate)

And here's Ohloh's comparison of commit activity :