option readfile

option readfile filename ?priority?

Loads the options from resource file filename in with priority priority (or interactive if priority is omitted, just as with option add). The resource file should be in .Xdefaults format (though the ? pattern separator is not supported).



option readfile [file join [file dirname [info script]] "myapp.defs"]

Sample resource file:

! This is a comment
*Label.font: Helvetica 24
*Button.background: green
*MyDialog.abc.def.foreground: red

The patterns are separated from the values, one per line, by a :. Patterns for use by an application (e.g., your script) usually either start with a * or with the class name of the application (set by the -class option to wish). They could also use the name of the application (-name option to wish) but that's rare because it isn't guaranteed to be used exactly (as it is set to something unique per X display). Most of the time, files loaded with option readfile can use * just fine.

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