pantcl document processor which can be used as pandoc filter to embed programming or diagram code into Markdown, LaTeX or ReStructuredText documents and to write other pandoc filters using the Tcl programming language. It supports languages like C, C++, Go, Rust, Lua, Tcl, Python, R, Octave, Vlang, diagram tools like Mermaid, Pic, DPic, Pikchr, GraphViz, PlantUml, Kroki, equation tools like EQN, LaTeX math, music notation tools like ABC music or lilypond, database tools like sqlite3 and it is easy to extend for other languages, tools.If used as a pandoc filter currently three input formats are supported, LaTeX, Markdown, Rst, and all output formats, pandoc supports can be written, Pdf, Docx, Odt, HTML, ..... If used standalone without pandoc only Markdown as input and HTML as Output is supported.

The project was formerly named pandoc-tcl-filter.




The following filters are currently available:

Processing Schema

[L1 ]


DDG - 2023-03-13 Version 0.9.11:

  • adds support for LaTeX and ReStructuredText as input formats in addition to Markdown
  • sets eval=false per default to disable evaluation by accident
  • processing speedup