What: scwoop
Description: Simple Composite Widget Object Oriented Package is implemented in a single sourcable file and uses simple techniques to provide composite widget (mega widget) support to Tk. Uses stooop 4.1 and above. Runs on all Tcl 8.3 or higher supported platforms. Full HTML doc, with live tclets, are provided at the web site. This software makes use of the stooop OO system, also in Tcl.
Updated: 03/2005
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Jean-Luc Fontaine)

What: MDI
Where: (previous URL)
Description: A widget to handle multiple documents in a host application window. Using scwoop's composite widget package, it allows any other widget to be managed as a client in the MDI host window. Works with STOOOP-2.3/SCWOOP-1.3 and newer.
Updated: 11/1996
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Joel Crisp) (previous email)

It seems like this would be useful to include in tklib, since stooop is in tcllib.