DDG 2018-11-09: A snidget widget based on Stephen Uhler's and Clif Flynt's HTML display and Robert Heller's htmlhelp tool. The shtmlview::shtmlview widget can render a reasonable subset of html and is useful where the developer has control over the content to be rendered. It is not a full fledged web browser und should be used only for local html files.

DDG 2020-01-27: Version 0.9.1, just bug fixes and small extensions:

  • fixed typo in package provide
  • remove style section in body
  • mirror project on chiselapp
  • extension: --version option and standalone execution as html-browser: tclsh shtmlview.tcl filename.html

Installation as Tcl-module

Put the directory with the source code somewhere in a directory like /home/username/tcl/shtmlview/ - in your Tcl code you would now have to write:

 tcl::tm::path add /home/username/tcl
 package require shtmlview::shtmlview

Installation as Tcl package

Just the usual copy of the shtmlview folder into your package path.

See [L1 ] on github for information of installation and usage. Below some example usage for creating a standalone script for viewing local HTML files.


tcl::tm::path add /home/username/tcl
package require shtmlview::shtmlview
if {[info exists argv0] && $argv0 eq [info script]} {
    if {[llength $argv] == 1 && [file exists [lindex $argv 0]]} {
       wm title . "shtmlview widget demo"
       set help [::shtmlview::shtmlview .help \
                  -tablesupport true -home [lindex $argv 0]]
       $help browse [lindex $argv 0] 
       pack $help -side top -fill both -expand true
 } else {
    puts "Usage: $argv0 htmlfile"
    exit 0