I am beginning the discussion for Tcl community to create a slogan for Tcl, because it needs some marketing.

Maybe TCT can take this for votations (MS remarks that the TCT does not deal with these issues [L1 ]). So give your suggestion in this list:

Suggested slogans:

  • "I love to code with Tcl in the morning... it codes like victory" — rfox
  • "Power is that simple?" — sergiol
  • Tickling makes you happy (or laugh or gives enjoyment, whatever works) — Setok
  • Power without a price (Ahh.. good old Atari slogan reused) — Setok
  • Simplicity. Power. — Setok
  • Tickling for health. — Setok
  • Tickling makes you strong. — Setok
  • Tickling Can change your Life. — Sarnold
  • Just do it. — wdb
  • Tcl and K.I.S.S. takes the pain away. — etdxc 2006-09-14
  • Take Tcl and K.I.S.S. the pain away. — etdxc 2006-09-14
  • tool command, free and easy. — RS 2006-09-14
  • Tackle coding lightly. — Jaf 2006-09-14
  • 99% of all Steves prefer Tcl. — AMG +1 to this
  • Tcl got me laid, Perl, not so much .— See the last line of this slashdot comment
  • The Total Control Language.
  • I'd use something else, but I value my productivity. — DKF
  • String theory — applied.
  • The language that makes you giggle. — SYStems
  • The unified interface language. — SYStems
  • Power. Consistency. Simplicity. — sergiol
  • Power in simplicity. — JAG
  • Power can be so simple. — JAG
  • Can it really be this easy? — JAG
  • The glue of a new generation. — LV
  • Powerful. Consistent. Simple. — sergiol
  • Everything is a string. — Wait, we tried that slogan already.
  • Everything is a Command Arg Arg Arg Arg .... — SYStems
  • Tactical, practical - Tcl. Make it YOUR secret weapon. — JMN (but not too secret.. haha)
  • The power to argue with commands! — JMN
  • Commands empower, simplicity endures. — JMN
  • Aim to win - Start your arguments with Tcl commands. — JMN
  • Script once, read many! — sergiol
  • Code less, do more. — Oh no this very similar to QT's "Code less. Create more." :(
  • Better than aspirin. — Sarnold
  • Think. Code. Laugh!
  • [T]hink less. [C]reate more. [L]ive better. — Sarnold
  • Tadically simple. — (the slogan of [L2 ])
  • Overcome expectations. — sergiol
  • Extend. Embed. Then get power. — sergiol
  • Practical, powerful, portable.
  • The only thing that really needs improvement is its marketing. — AM, inspired by a c.l.t. thread
  • Tired of compiled languages. — sergiol
  • Don't code. Produce. — sergiol
  • Extend. Embed. Port. Execute. — sergiol
  • Yes, less code is better. — sergiol
  • Script it. Read it. Port it. — sergiol
  • NASA does. And you? — sergiol (seems very advertising :( ) sergiol
  • Industry's best kept secret. — sergiol
  • Code less. Get free time. — sergiol
  • set Answer [eval Tcl]. — etdxc
  • Type Code Leisurely. — SRIV
  • The Quick'n'dirty Language.
  • Too much thinking ? The Cure is a Language: Tcl. — Sarnold
  • The Play-Doh of languages - incredibly flexible and colorful. — RS

JM 2015-01-05

  • Tackle IT. — CAU (after Jaf)
  • Programming has never been so simple. — Sarnold
  • Simpler than i thought. — sergiol
  • Simpler than you thought. — sergiol
  • Hypnotoad commands you to USE THIS LANGUAGE!
  • The (Grey|Duct) Tape of Computing. — SDW
  • The Seventh Simple Machine. — SDW
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: TCL, VB and Perl. — (not exactly a slogan, but...)
  • You make the language your own. — (extracted from [L3 ])
  • Join the motorway (highway in the USA) of free software development. — sergiol (may be it is not a good idea because the word is'nt the same everywhere)
  • Tcl: Easy enough to be simple. Robust enough to be complex. — Lectus
  • My other language is Tcl. — FB (reference to the famous bumper sticker "my other language is a Porsche")
  • Eleven Syntax Rules, millions of possibilities. — peterc
  • The Cool Language / That Kicks! — (RS perhaps??)
  • Praises to its gluey appendages. — PYK
  • We don't need no stinkin' macros. — PYK
  • Engineering-Grade Scripting. — PYK
  • Uncommonly Elegant Coding. — PYK
  • It is Whatever You Say it Is. — PYK
  • The Transcendental Cthulhu Language. — PYK
  • Take Command of your Life with Tcl. screwtop
  • Are you Tclish? screwtop
  • Light weight, industrial strength. screwtop
  • Scripting done right. — PYK
  • Script away, dream babies! — PYK
  • There Is No List. — PYK
  • It's the spaces, not the braces. — PYK
  • I honestly didn't think you could even USE emoji in variable names.
  • tech not phyl — Inspired by MS, Tcl Chatroom, 2015-10-15
  • Does your dict shimmer? — PYK
  • So Shallow. So Deep. — PYK
  • Tcl. I'm confused and enraged. — PYK (with a little help from Roy Keene)
  • "\U01f528\U01f74c\U01f3d1" — %F0%9F%94%A8%F0%9F%9D%8C%F0%9F%8F%91 — chw happy 2016!
  • Tcl. Is Doing. — PYK (Thank you, anonymous zealot)
  • Versatile Power Glue — Pinky: No snake oil, Brain? — Brain: No! — chw
  • Go dynamic or go home. — PYK
  • And now for something completely different! — PYK
  • Tcl means "T can l", not "T can't l".
  • Straddling the fence between brilliant and awful. — dbohdan, repurposed by PYK
  • How I learned to stop worrying and love the string. — PYK
  • The UnLisp. — PYK
  • Embrace it. — PYK
  • One syntax to rule them all. — PYK
  • Pragmatic, not dogmatic. — PYK
  • It's the red pill. — PYK
  • TooCool for you. — PYK
  • If it looks like a duck, it's a duck. — PYK
  • Words words words. — PYK
  • Null can do! — PYK
  • The string is the thing. — PYK
  • Bring your own semantics. — PYK
  • Emptiness is bliss — PYK
  • The assembly language of the brain — SEH

"Straddling the fence between brilliant and awful"

Awful? Really?

And is that a slogan?

etdxc 2006-09-14: Someone must be able to do something with Tcl and TLC (Tender Loving Care). A bit like that well known T-shirt 'Dyslexics have more fnu'.

??? (dyslexics of the world, Untie!, or "doctor now I understand... I'm lysdexic!")

MG: I've seen debate on this subject on the wiki before, so please excuse me in advance if I start it up again ;) But personally I would avoid using 'tickling' or any variant thereof in an 'official' Tcl slogan. It doesn't make it sound like a 'real, professional' language, IMHO. If you're trying to pitch to an employer why Tcl should be used for a project in one sentence, a sentence about tickling is not likely to convince him.

Well, employers have a sense of humour too. I always prefer a slogan or name that makes me smile instead of something like XF-778. --Setok

sergiol :

"Tickling" is a nonsense word for non-native english speakers.

Maybe the slogan like a question (mine's) is not a good idea.

"Just do it" is a plagiarism of a company that is exploring very cheap workmanship to sew his balls and shoes. Not an example to follow.

Well, the language of the slogan is English. Tickling is a common word in English known by probably most non-natives I know. If you're going to do something in English, there's no point trying to work out what every single non-native will understand. --Setok

LV: The slogan I added above is the slogan I've used in my .signature for quite some time now. But I'd be happy to share it with the community if that was something desirable.

Lars H: I like the Tcl - the only thing that really needs improvement is its marketing slogan. It's got a Snakes on a Plane [L4 ] -like feel about it (I mean the title; haven't seen the actual movie).

JMN: wow. I saw a short for 'snakes on a plane' and I naturally assumed it was a piece of comic genius - poking fun at the ridiculousness of hollywood. I find it so depressing to now discover that it really is a movie... Now the jokes on me for having assumed that anyone could parody hollywood. ever. They just shift the bar lower so that any parody would itself be ridiculous and lame. umm.. so.. Is that the 'feel' the title gives you Lars? Is "Tcl - the only thing that really needs improvement is its marketing" a big joke?

Lars H: The "joke", as you put it, would be the movie itself then; it wouldn't be the first time that the packaging of a Hollywood product turns out to be better than the contents. I explicitly didn't claim anything about the movie, however, I only said I liked the feel of the title (as apparently have many others, it's pretty much the basis of the entire hype). Aren't people who try to come up with something allowed to say "Why don't we do somthing like what they did for XXX" anymore? It is my impression that it is rather common in professional PR firms (although perhaps not very creative).

JMN: oh.. I didn't mean it as an attack on the Tcl slogan or on the use of comparisons. Understand that I wrote the above whilst in a fit of psychological trauma at discovering that 'snakes on a plane' was 'for real' and took itself seriously.. and I was just trying to make the point that what sounds 'cool' to one, could sound absurd to another. In this case I also make no comment on the movie itself.. it's just that the title 'snakes on a plane' makes me want to burst out laughing. Well I guess most professional PR firms are in the job of manipulating people's perception of 'cool' to include the product, as opposed to helping manipulate the product to be 'cool' ;)

sergiol: "The Quick'n'dirty Language." - No, this is adequate slogan for Perl, but not for Tcl, because Tcl is not properly dirty.

AMG: I have a negative slogan for Tcl. It's not actually negative about Tcl, it's negative about the mindset of programmers.

"Tcl: Too simple to understand"

Many programmers are wired to embrace complex systems, so when they encounter something truly simple, they look for complexity that isn't there and become truly confused.

PYK: And that right there, folks, is the simple truth :/

Duoas: I agree. The slogan that most stood out for me above was "Can it really be this easy?" That addresses the complexity issue and promises to handle it. And it is a very simple, but penetrating statement expressing exactly what everyone would love to say about a programming language.

It doesn't exactly address the (unfortunate) mindset that Tcl is too old and ugly. But I think that is easily overcome as part of the continuing advertisement: show people something complex done simply and beautifully.

This requires, of course, examples.

(I also like the one about 99% of all Steves, but I don't think that would work as well... LOL.)

AMG: Tcl. The T is short for Steve. The C and the L are also short for Steve.

PYK: I love it! This has got to go on a t-shirt!

sergiol Tcl, sergiol's favourite golfing toy!

aspect: While not specifically about Tcl, I don't feel bad about appropriating Ray Dillinger's words from a thread on lambda-the-ultimate :

In my experience, the best programming languages for just writing programs are those which have "the structure of water" as a zen enthusiast I once knew explained it. They can be deformed infinitely, without stress, to fit the shape their environment requires.

.. sorta calls for a haiku.

Tool Command Language
Shapes like water to your needs
Doing more with less

dbohdan 2015-01-06: Nice quote. I've changed the formatting to make my browser not scroll horizontally.

Siqsuruq - 2021-04-27 23:24:24

<Instead of trying to decide what slogan to use (as I can see we are still trying since 2015), I suggest to create a dict of all of them and rotate them as "Fortune" Linux program does. For example I use Naviserver and there is a module called nsfortune wich does that on my login screen. Those slogans will be used mainly on Tcl related web pages, so we can create central open RESTFull API of Tcl slogans, so if someone wants to use them just GET the link ;)>