What: tclWinidle
 Description: Support for user idle time tracking for Tk in Windows (including Win9x).
 Updated: 2006-05-08
 Contact: Sergei Golovan <sgolovan at nes dot ru>

This package provides user idle time reporting in Tk under Windows. Confirmed to work on all sorts of Windows since Windows 98 to Windows XP.

Note that Tk since version 8.5 has built-in support for user idle time reporting via its tk inactive command, so consider using this library only if you must support Tk < 8.5 and/or Win9x/Windows 2000.

Works like tk inactive -- to get the user's idle time, invoke:


Note that this library uses the so called "DLL-injection" [L1 ] to work. This allows for operation in old 9x series of Windows, but may fail on Windows Vista (due to UAC or something like this).

Also this package is known not to reset the idle time under some obscure circumstances which are not known.

See also

  • tk inactive -- Tk 8.5 builtin.
  • tkinactive -- support for idle time reporting for older Tk (both X Window and modern NT-based Windows systems).
  • tkXwin -- support for idle time reporting in older Tk under X Window.