What: tkXwin
Description: Support for user idle time tracking for Tk in X Window.
Updated: ca 2002
Contact: Marshall Rose <mrose at>
          (But seems unmaintained)

This package provides user idle time reporting in Tk under X Window. Confirmed to work on all major contemporary Linux systems to this date (2008).

Note that Tk since version 8.5 has built-in support for user idle time reporting via its tk inactive command, so consider using this library only if you must support Tk < 8.5.

Works like tk inactive -- to get the user's idle time, invoke:


See also

  • tk inactive — Tk 8.5 builtin.
  • tkinactive — Support for idle time reporting in older Tk (both X Window and modern NT-based Windows systems).
  • tclWinidle — Support for idle time reporting in older Tk (all versions of Windows).