package require pipe
lassign [pipe] readChanId writeChanId
close $readChanId; close $writeChanId


This extension provides one Tcl command, pipe, created in the root namespace.

The code is taken from the implementation of the chan pipe command with the purpose of making this functionality available for Tcl versions <= 8.5 while not requiring the presence of the Tclx package.

The syntax and semantics of the provided command are the same as of chan pipe, just the name differs.


The source and Win32 binary (built using the MSVC 6.0 compiler) are hosted at [L1 ].

The source is confirmed to build and work on Windows XP (MSYS/MinGW and MSVC 6.0) and Debian Linux ("Etch").

This package is created by kostix.

See also

Tclx's pipe command description.