What: tclperl

 Description: Tcl extenson which allows you to create Perl interpreters
        from within a Tcl application and evaluate Perl code.
        Currently at version 3.2.0 .
 Updated: 02/2001
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Jean-Luc Fontaine )

Of related interest are "Ways to execute Perl programs from Tcl".


Unfortunalely no Debian package for this exist. Tarball package has no make or configure; direct "cc" and it runs into lot of integration issues.

Very poor or no packaging. People who are enthusiastic to try out this are warned that all these plumbing work needs to be done to install it on Debian.

Problems encountered: First it could not find tcl.h, then I installed tcl-dev. Then it said -lperl not found.

Instructions for installing it on Debian/testing:

 Install tcl<version>-dev.
 Add -I/usr/include/tcl<version> to cc arguments
 Install libperl-dev.
 Then follow the instructions as per INSTALL file


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