wdb Working on my unix-driven PC, I frequently read the man pages. The default pager less is too rustical for my taste, with pager tkman or xman, it's too much blown up (whenever I need help, I'm seriously in hurry ;-).

So, I took the easiest solution: write my own pager in tkpager.tcl:


package require Tk
bind [winfo class .] <Destroy> exit

pack [text .t -font TkFixedFont -yscrollcommand [list .s set]]\
  -expand yes -fill both -side left
pack [scrollbar .s -command ".t yview"]\
  -fill both -side left

apply {{} {
  while {![eof stdin]} {
    .t insert end "[regsub -all {.\b} [gets stdin] {}]\n"

Then, the script tman calls man with pager tkpager.tcl (care that both is in search path and executable):

man -P tkpager.tcl $1 &

That's all.