ttk::label , a Tk command, is the ttk analogue of label.


official reference


Kevin provides, on comp.lang.tcl, a working example of automatic text wrapping using a Tile label widget.

package require tile 
ttk::label .l -text {This is a very long line of text that I hope will 
dynamically wrap based upon the width of the widget.} -justify left -anchor w 
grid .l -sticky ew 
grid columnconfigure . 0 -weight 1 
bind .l <Configure> {%W configure -wraplength [winfo width %W]} 


Lars H, 2015-12-26: I just tried using a ttk::label to display a mutable image in a GUI, but was surprised to see a delay of over a second between changing the underlying image and seeing the widget display the modified image! (Other parts of the GUI updated fine, so program had finished changing the image and control had returned to the event loop.) Using a plain Tk label for the widget seemed to get rid of this delay, however. Is this a known behaviour? A consequence of the theming mechanisms?