twtxt is a minimalist news feed file format and protocol for sharing status updates. You can compare it to RSS, Finger , and a decentralized Twitter.

A twtxt feed is a text file that looks like this.

2016-02-04T13:30:00+01:00        You can really go crazy here! ┐(゚∀゚)┌
2016-02-03T23:05:00+01:00        @<example> welcome to twtxt!
2016-02-01T11:00:00+01:00        This is just another example.
2015-12-12T12:00:00+01:00        Fiat lux!

twtxt feeds often include emoji, which can cause problems for standard builds of Tcl 8.

Since version 2.2.0 Tclssg can generate twtxt feeds.

Tcl library

What twtxt.tcl
Description This repository contains a basic Tk-based viewer for twtxt feeds and libraries for:
— Parsing twtxt (Tcl 8.5+ with partial support for Jim Tcl);
— Extracting emoji and displaying them in a text widget in Tcl/Tk builds that do not support them natively (Tcl 8.6.10+);
— Reading files from the local filesystem and HTTP(S), Gopher, and Gemini servers in a uniform manner (Tcl 8.5+).
License MIT
Contact dbohdan