Version 2 of Argument expansion

Updated 2003-10-21 05:08:22

20 Oct 2003: TIP #157 "Argument Expansion with Leading {expand}" [L1 ] just passed the TCT vote.

Announcement from tcl-core mailing list:

 Message-id:     <[email protected]>
 To:             [email protected]
 Date:           Mon, 20 Oct 2003 13:20:35 -0400
 Subject:        [TCLCORE] VOTE RESULTS: TIPs #156 and #157

 The deadline for voting on TIPs #156 and #157 is now past.

 Ballots received are listed below; to verify each ballot,
 one can view the URL:
 where N is the message number.

 Member      Message    156     157(8.5)  157(9.0)
 DeJong      6256062    PRESENT NO        YES
 Fellows     6256063    YES     NO        PRESENT
 Harrison    ------------- absent --------------
 Hipp        6284469    YES     YES       YES
 Hobbs       6241531    (*)     NO        NO
 Howlett     6282872    PRESENT NO        NO
 Ingham      6274059    PRESENT YES       YES
 Kenny       6241529    YES     YES       YES
 Kupries     6284468    YES     YES       YES
 Lehenbauer  ------------- absent --------------
 McLennan    6273145    PRESENT YES       YES(**)
 Nijtmans    6288994    YES     YES       YES
 Ousterhout  6241533    (*)     YES       YES
 Porter      6281712    YES     YES       YES
 Welch       ------------- absent --------------

 (*) denotes a ballot received that did not include a vote for
     the given TIP.  PRESENT is assumed.
 (**) Poster did not explicitly cast 8.5 and 9.0 ballots, but
      intent was abundantly clear from the discussion.

    TIP #156: 6 YES, 0 NO, 6 PRESENT
    TIP #157 (8.5): 8 YES, 4 NO
    TIP #157 (9.0): 9 YES, 2 NO, 1 PRESENT

 TIP #156 passes.
 TIP #157 passes for implementation in 8.5.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parties for their
 patience in dealing with the highly contentious TIP #157.  It is
 without doubt a compromise that fits nobody's ideal. (Alas, the
 essence of compromise is that everyone comes out a little bit
 dissatisfied.) I hope that, now that the vote is past, we can put 
 the differences behind us and move forward to implementing it.

--- MAK One might be left to wonder what comes of TIP #144 now given that its "POLL" was shown to be passing with the same number of votes in favor, but wasn't officially a vote (apparently - 144 is still listed as "draft")? Do 144 at 157 duke it out now? Or is it over by virtue of 157 being called to official vote first? Or...? (Not that I care for either, but I'm still left with the feeling of "so what?")