Version 1 of Articles on visualisation

Updated 2009-09-18 16:23:21 by LVwikignome

Arjen Markus (8 september 2009) I ran into the article mentioned below, How NOT to lie with visualisation, and thought it would be a good idea to collect references to such articles. Not specifically related to Tcl/Tk, but we do a lot of visualisation, don't we?

  • How NOT to lie with Visualisation [L1 ]
  • PowerPoint does Rocket Science [L2 ], perhaps not directly on the visualisation of data, but still worth reading IMHO.
  • Edward Tufte has quite a few articles and books on the subject of visualisation. While some of his ideas are quite radical, they should not be dismissed without further thought - again, IMHO.
  • Was there a proceedings article on CACTVS?