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WhatCRIMP / C Raster Image Manipulation Package / C Raster IMage Processor
Where (Fossil-based Source Repository)
AuthorsAndreas Kupries, Andy Goth, Kevin Kenny, S. M. Saurabh
Mailing List
Status Release 0.1, continued work
Derived from Critcl image processing
0.1[L1 ]

AMG, 17 Oct 2010: Thanks AK for taking an interest in my humble code and turning it into a proper package, then going on to give a talk on it. I wish I could have been at the conference. Some weeks ago I read your code, and I quite like what you've done, but I haven't taken the time to contribute anything new. At least I can help to answer your questions; you embedded a few in the comments. For instance, my matrix routine does a bilinear interpolation; you were wondering about this.

I just finished up some major work on Wibble (I should post it soon) and critbit (I think I'll be sharing my C implementation). That means it's time for me to revisit CRIMP! After all, the art project for which I developed the original CRIMP is still awaiting completion.


External Links

  • Rosetta Code (Tcl solution on page uses CRIMP to do edge detection)

AK - 2013-03-06 17:28:08

Donal, thanks for the shout-out.