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An acronym for Geographic information system

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a spatial extension to SQLite
an open-source GIS application that relies on Tk for its GUI.
Geographic World Maps
reference to data files that show maps of the world.
Geographic mapping the Tcl way
Tclworld Database
EKB a list of GIS applications that use Tcl/Tk
DL a service that converts addresses to long/lat - a necessity for using Google's map API.
Tcl interface to the TIGER dataset
Map widget
looks to be a Tk widget specifically for drawing maps..
specialty canvas widget & supporting libraries
has node-plotting with a GIS orientation
MapServer Workbench
TP a Tcl-based project to create and edit files for MapServer . The code is somewhat out-of-date with the current version of MapServer, needs just a little TLC to get back up to speed. It builds on early work by Peter deVoil (code that is now msexplorer.tcl). Anyone interested in taking over development? Email me.
(KKovacs) a GPS program written entirely in Tcl/Tk, and one of the best ones, IMHO. GPSMan new release 6.4.3 on 29 April 2012
geographical database covering all countries and containing over eight million placenames, free of charge
a Tcl/Tk frontend to the most fabulous GMT = Generic Mapping Tools [L1 ]
Raster operations on the canvas
AM bears relation to GIS....
   [http://www.BGI-SA.COM/tcltext-en.htm%|%Belgian Geographical Interface%|%]: [ActiveX] interface?
a specialized mapping program that displays USGS topo maps of the SF Bay Area. It lets you interactively map out bike routes while displaying the routes total distance and amount of climbing.
[L2 ]
an article on GIS with a Tcl flavor, November 2001, then a more elaborate version of the same program design showed up again in December 2001 [L3 ]
dead link on 2013-01-15
Tcl implementation of the coordinate list compression algorithm used by MapQuest and Google Maps. It is useful for encoding a long sequence of coordinate data as a single comparatively compact URL parameter.


A GSoC2009 project is underway to improve Tcl's support for reading raster and vector geospatial data formats, as well as rendering them in a Tk canvas widget. Project's detailed description and status updates can be found at: The tcl-map GSoC2009 project. The source code is hosted at:


CL has lots of toy maps (of US states, Norway, the Volga River, ...) written as Tcl programs, with "live" canvases, ... He's trying to figure out how to package them so others can see them. A hint of what's possible appears in "Open Cartography" [L4 ].

Zarutian is thinking about scanning and vectorizing several free maps of Iceland's Captialzone (?? Capital city/zone ??).